Industrial Relations
Below are the election speeches tagged with the topic industrial relations:

John Howard – 1998

Delivered at Parramatta, NSW, September 20th, 1998

economy education industrial relations health social security

John Howard – 1996

Delivered at Sydney, NSW, February 18th, 1996

economy family social security environment industrial relations

Gough Whitlam – 1975

Delivered at Melbourne, Vic, November 24th, 1975

economy education employment industrial relations social security

Robert Menzies – 1940

Delivered at Camberwell, Vic, September 2nd, 1940

defence economy trade agriculture industrial relations

Joseph Lyons – 1931

Delivered at Sydney, NSW, December 2nd, 1931

communism defence economy industrial relations trade

James Scullin – 1931

Delivered at Melbourne, Vic, December 1st, 1931

defence economy employment immigration industrial relations

James Scullin – 1929

Delivered at Richmond, Vic, September 30th, 1929

economy federation industrial relations

Stanley Bruce – 1929

Delivered at Dandenong, Vic, September 18th, 1929

economy industrial relations

Matthew Charlton – 1925

Delivered at Sydney, NSW, October 9th, 1925

economy health employment industrial relations trade

Matthew Charlton – 1922

Delivered at Maitland, NSW, October 24th, 1922

defence industrial relations social security

Andrew Fisher – 1914

Delivered at Bundaberg, Qld, July 6th, 1914

defence economy industrial relations social security