Election Speeches

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John Howard – 2007

My friends, I commenced my remarks in speaking of how the choice on the 24th of November had very much crystallised around the issue of economic management. The economy isn’t everything in life, we all know that, but a strong economy is central to the capacity of this nation to deliver the things that we all want.

November 12th, 2007

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Scott Morrison – 2022

May 15th, 2022

Gough Whitlam – 1975

The shame of the past six weeks must be wiped away. In those shameful six weeks, a stacked Senate went on strike against a Budget vital to Australia’s welfare and the nation’s economy. The nation and the nation’s elected government were held to ransom. And by those means, the elected government in full command of the confidence of Parliament was deposed.

November 24th, 1975

economy education employment industrial relations social security

Kevin Rudd – 2007

At Mr Howard’s policy launch on Monday there was nothing on climate change. Nothing on water. Nothing on hospitals. Nothing on infrastructure. And whatever amount of money Mr Howard may yet throw at these long standing challenges over the next ten days, it just not going to be real. The truth is, it’s all just too late to be believable.

November 14th, 2007

climate change communications and technology economy education health industrial relations water

Frank Tudor – 1919

The Government had done nothing to deal with industrial unrest. Immediately Labour was returned to power it would deal with the root of all the trouble by seeing that the people of this country were not exploited by unscrupulous men who made the necessities of life so difficult to obtain.

November 5th, 1919

government administration industrial relations social security economy

John Howard – 1996

It is with an immense amount of personal pride and also an enormous amount of humility that I bring together today the essential argument as to why, after 13 long and difficult years, this nation of ours needs emphatically a change of government.

February 18th, 1996

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Andrew Fisher – 1913

During our period of office, we have seen increases in wealth in trade, in the areas of crops, in banking assets and banking deposits in savings, bank deposits in the number of depositors, in marriages, in births and in immigration. We have built, manned and equipped an Australian navy with our own money, and established an effective defence force.

March 31st, 1913

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Bill Hayden – 1980

One of the tasks of the new Labor Government will be to restore national pride by providing honest, creative and fair administration of the nation’s affairs.

That is our task and that is our challenge–to stop the rot, to arrest the decline, to restore unity and purpose, to raise the standard.

October 1st, 1980

defence economy education employment family foreign affairs health infrastructure social security

Arthur Calwell – 1963

No man can place barriers to the future greatness of Australia, nor limits to the achievements of its people. Its destiny should be both great and glorious. The young people about whom I have spoken will be the artificers of that destiny. So let us all go forward in that great crusade to set our country aloft in the blaze of the sun.

November 6th, 1963

communications and technology defence economy education employment family foreign affairs health immigration Indigenous affairs industrial relations infrastructure social security

John Hewson – 1993

Tax reform is fundamentally important to what we’ve got to do in Australia. It’s fundamentally important to developing the productive culture that we need in Australia, it’s fundamentally important, not only to get people to work harder, to work overtime, to save, to build a business. Tax reform is absolutely fundamental.

March 1st, 1993

economy education employment health industrial relations social security infrastructure