Election Speeches

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Bob Hawke – 1984

Never in the last decade – and more – has there been anything like the combination of favourable economic prospects that now exist: consumer confidence at record levels; business confidence and business investment restored and growing by the month; the housing industry buoyant; manufacturing production rising; industrial disputes dramatically down; interest rates declining; employment up; inflation down.

With a record like that, is it any wonder that Paul Keating has been nominated as the world’s best Treasurer?

November 13th, 1984

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Julia Gillard – 2010

Ben Chifley spoke to us about that light on the hill in a different age, in a different nation, in a different time. President Barack Obama inspired a nation by saying ‘yes we can’. Well friends, I’m too humble to compare myself to either Ben Chifley or Barack Obama, but I am asking you, I am asking you when you vote on Saturday, to say, as you cast that vote: yes we will.

August 16th, 2010

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Bob Hawke – 1990

We in this generation have no greater responsibility than to pass on intact to future generations Australia’s priceless environment.

My Government unequivocally accepts that responsibility.

That’s why we stopped the damming of the Franklin.

And that’s why we protected our irreplaceable rainforests, the tall forests of Tasmania, the Great Barrier Reef and Kakadu.

March 8th, 1990

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Bob Hawke – 1987

By 1990 no Australian child will be living in poverty.

And to this end, my Government will establish a new program of family help – a program designed to lift more than 1 million Australian children into security and to help the more than half a million Australian families in greatest need, the hardest pushed, the most disadvantaged.

June 23rd, 1987

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Kim Beazley – 1998

There is no one magic source for that security and opportunity. It is not good enough to mouth assurances that they will somehow magically trickle down from on high, or emerge out of some soulless economic machine. If a tax looks like it is going to hurt, that is because it will. Governments cause pain frequently enough, even when they don’t mean to, and there is no mystical virtue in accepting pain for pain’s sake.

September 23rd, 1998

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Bob Hawke – 1983

For let there be no mistake - there can be no economic recovery, there cannot be a beginning towards recovery, until there is a national effort towards national reconciliation.

And that effort must begin with the national leadership and the national Government.

February 16th, 1983

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Mark Latham – 2004

And as we look to the future of our children, let’s not forget the greatest intergenerational challenge of them all—saving our planet. Australia must play a role in the international struggle against global warming. Our national icons are at stake: The coral bleaching and destruction of the Great Barrier Reef; The flooding of Kakadu National Park with salt water. No responsible leader could stand by and watch these things happen.

September 29th, 2004

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