Election Speeches

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John Howard – 1987

The program I put down and talked about tonight does offer a different way of doing many things. It’s built on giving people incentive is built on less government and lower taxation. But above all, it is built upon my unshakeable belief that if you give Australians the right encouragement and the right incentive, they can lick anything.

June 25th, 1987

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Frank Tudor – 1917

Care must therefore be exercised in the recording of votes for the two parties. It remains for you to say whether you will have what has been aptly termed the triple fusion–the wreckage of the Deakin party, the wreckage of the Cook party, and the wreckage of the Hughes party–returned to power in the country, or whether you will remain true and vote solidly for the Australian Labor Party.

March 29th, 1917

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Joseph Cook – 1914

May not this old fabric, when compared with the more palatial structures of these modern days, indicate to us the ageless principle of Liberalism, which as the generations pass, constantly renews itself and makes its appeal—always adequate and wise—to the new times and conditions in which we live.

July 14th, 1914

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Joseph Lyons – 1934

We have attempted nothing spectacular. We have eschewed the monetary cranks and spurned the miracle workers. We have stuck to proved methods, honest value and honest money. But if we have attempted nothing spectacular in our methods of Government, I think we are justified in claiming that our efforts have resulted in what must be regarded as one of the most spectacular economic recoveries the world has known.

August 13th, 1934

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Gough Whitlam – 1969

We make these assertions: Firstly, that Australians should not be deprived of opportunities which citizens of every comparable country enjoy. Secondly, there is every reason why Australia, wealthy and well-endowed, in many respects incomparably so, should be giving a lead to other nations in the equality of opportunities and the quality of the opportunities we make for our own citizens and in the help we can give to others. Twenty years ago, Australia was indeed a pioneer and a leader; now we lag behind. It is not for lack of resources; it has been for lack of resourcefulness on the part of a national leadership, bogged down in its own past, shackled by the dogmas of an outdated, doctrinaire philosophy.

October 1st, 1969

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