Election Speeches

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Bob Hawke – 1983

For let there be no mistake - there can be no economic recovery, there cannot be a beginning towards recovery, until there is a national effort towards national reconciliation.

And that effort must begin with the national leadership and the national Government.

February 16th, 1983

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Malcolm Fraser – 1975

This election has been caused by the dismissal of two acting Prime Ministers for deceiving the Parliament. This election has been caused by a Prime Minister who refused to face the people, who tried to rule without Parliament, who defied a fundamental principle of our Constitution, and who finally forced the Governor-General to dismiss him; the man who took Australia the first significant step on the road to dictatorship.

November 27th, 1975

economy agriculture education employment health immigration Indigenous affairs industrial relations socialism

Malcolm Fraser – 1980

Liberal policies are designed to enable Australians to live free and independent lives in a secure nation. They are policies to promote the enterprise and initiative which will enable people to secure their own future through the rewards of their own efforts. They are also policies of compassion and concern for those in need.

September 30th, 1980

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Robert Menzies – 1963

This is no ordinary election. It comes at a time when the Government has precariously and unexpectedly survived by one vote for two years. It comes at a time when turbulence and international tension exist nearer to our frontiers than ever before except during the last war; when strength is needed in the voice of Australia; when our country cannot afford to compel its Government to spend a lot of time, week by week, on the problem of domestic political survival.

November 12th, 1963

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John Curtin – 1943

Our country has now withstood the direst trials; it has lived through its darkest hour; it is now confronting the dawn of a victorious and a better day. The Labor Government has done its duty. Australia stands at this election one of the free countries in the world. For that we have toiled and striven. And we know that the time has come when a preserved Australia can once again advance.

July 26th, 1943

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Herbert Evatt – 1954

We believe in the utilisation of the powers of government to achieve and maintain the full employment of our people and maximum standards of health and physical efficiency, to abolish poverty, to clear slums and unhealthy environments, to prevent exploitation by monopolist concentration of property, to stabilise the economy on a basis of social justice and to ensure freedom from want.

May 6th, 1954

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